Time For Spag Bol and A Horror Flick!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I have something to celebrate. The way I celebrate is thus:-
get my other 'arf to cook one of his yummy spaghetti bolognese dinners and, afterwards, watch a horror film, (currently making my way through the Hammer box set I got for Christmas), with the lights out and candles flickering. Yup, I am a girl of a particular taste and a certain way.

What do I have to celebrate, (someone is maybe asking)? Ahh...(pulls forth a piece of paper and waves it about with a HUGE grin on her strawberry lip glossed lips), MY FIRST SODDING WAGE SLIP FOR A WHOLE FRECKING YEAR!
Oooo...happy, happy am I...cause I have MONEY...


office pest said...

I missed your news about your new job - congratulations, no mean feat these days. Hope it goes well for you.

The Redundant Girl said...

Thank you. So far so good - not made a complete arse of myself, (yet), or done anything seriously stupid, (yet). There is hope for this gaaaalll!